They need our support
now more than ever.

Farmer's Survival

The farmers sacrificed their livelihoods by committing to keeping Shmitah. Now, many of them are struggling to get back on their feet. Without sufficient support, our farmers cannot keep their fields going. By standing alongside them, we enable them to continue their essential work of feeding our nation.

Protecting Our Borders

The loss of farmland from Jewish hands poses a critical threat to our security and borders. When you travel through Eretz Yisroel, you deserve the assurance that you are driving within safe borders. Our farmers play a vital role in safeguarding our land and ensuring its integrity.

Land in Our Hands

More and more farmland is slipping away from Jewish ownership each year. This is not just an agricultural crisis – it is a matter of preserving our heritage and maintaining our connection to our holy land. Supporting our farmers means keeping the land in our hands and maintaining our strong roots.

Rebuilding After Attacks

When you hear news of a bomb falling in an "open field," it often means devastation for our farmers. Their greenhouses, crops, and fields suffer immense damage. In these challenging times, our farmers need support to recover, rebuild, and get back to what they do best.