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Goal: $50,000

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תשפ"ב is a Shmita year. In the words of the Sefer haChinuch, the mitzvah of Shmita is the ultimate reminder of Hashem’s rulership of the world and of His constant renewal of creation. Ordinarily, it is only farmers who are privileged to this reminder and the zechuyos that come from it but thanks to Keren haShviis, we have been given the opportunity to not only participate in this wonderful mitzvah but also to help the farmers, the giborei koach, in a very real way.

For the first time ever, the South African community has been offered the unique opportunity to participate in this important mitzvah at a rate that has been especially tailored to our needs. Let us join together as a community to take advantage of this opportunity and to unite with Jews throughout the world in this zechus.

For further information about this campaign, please email

For general information please email or call the Keren Hashviis office 888.675.6694

Partnership Opportunities

Acquire the tremendous zechus and bracha of keeping Shmitah k’halacha. In addition to your specific dedication, each donation level entitles you to halachic and legal partnership in a parcel of land

Farm Partnerships

Support a full farm and become a publicly recognized co-owner with the name of your family, shul, or kehillah inscribed on a sign at the farm. Visit Eretz Yisroel during Shmitah and take a private tour of your farm.

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