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Rosh Hashanah is just two weeks away, but Shmitah is still a few months long. How?
Just because Shmitah is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean the farmer has a crop to harvest.
He may technically be able to plant, but it doesn’t mean he has money for seed.
The year may be over, but he’s going to live with the repercussions for months longer.
His fields are neglected. His workers are gone. Inflation affected the cost of his lease and price of new seed. The toughest part of Shmitah will be getting back on his feet — but can he manage it?
The farmer didn’t come this far only to fail.
He’s survived the year. Now he needs to recover. Can you help the farmer get back on
his field?
Every dollar you give counts. It supports the brave farmers who have kept this difficult
mitzvah — even when they had every reason not to

Partnership Opportunities

Acquire the tremendous zechus and bracha of keeping Shmitah k’halacha. In addition to your specific dedication, each donation level entitles you to halachic and legal partnership in a parcel of land

Farm Partnerships

Support a full farm and become a publicly recognized co-owner with the name of your family, shul, or kehillah inscribed on a sign at the farm. Visit Eretz Yisroel during Shmitah and take a private tour of your farm.

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