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By now I'm sure you have seen the ads for Keren Hashviis. You have seen pictures of farmers laying down their tools, happily walking away from their livelihoods, and turning their eyes to the Heavens as they bravely and proudly sanctify our Holy Land through their unwavering commitment to keep Shmitah. Now, we have our own opportunity to join them.


Keeping Shmitah comes with sacrifice.

 Besides the loss of revenue, each of the 3500+ shomer shviis farmers has enormous financial obligations which he must keep, at risk of losing his livelihood for the next seven years. Land leases, equipment leases, and wages of foreign workers, are only some of the expenses of these Giborei Koach. Without help from Keren Hashviis, keeping Shmitah is an impossibility.


This year will mark the first time since the destruction of the second Beis Hamikdash that over 51% of the Land of Israel will lay fallow during Shmittah. Thanks to supporters from around the world, including over 200 shuls in the United States and Canada, Keren Hashviis will be able to sustain and support these farmers, and ensure the Kedushas Ha’aretz


Please join us in this historic partnership with a minimum contribution of $1,200 (payable monthly) and help us reach our goal of $36,000. These funds will pay the farmers land and equipment leases, and will deliver him a stipend to sustain his family throughout the year


Rabbi Aharon Bodenheimer

Rabbi Aharon Yoffe


For additional payment options please email

or call the Keren Hashviis office



Partnership Opportunities

Acquire the tremendous zechus and bracha of keeping Shmitah k’halacha. In addition to your specific dedication, each donation level entitles you to halachic and legal partnership in a parcel of land

Farm Partnerships

Support a full farm and become a publicly recognized co-owner with the name of your family, shul, or kehillah inscribed on a sign at the farm. Visit Eretz Yisroel during Shmitah and take a private tour of your farm.

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