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Bais Yehuda / Rabbi Elchanan Tauber

Goal: $30,000

Raised: $12,736


With the approval of our

 Rav Shlita,

our shul will be participating with Keren Hashviis in supporting the farmers of Eretz Yisrael during this Shmita year. In the process everyone will acquire the zchus and bracha of observing shmita k'hichasa themselves. For more information, please speak with Yossie Greenfield 323-974-8635

For additional payment options please email

or call the Keren Hashviis office


Partnership Opportunities

Acquire the tremendous zechus and bracha of keeping Shmitah k’halacha. In addition to your specific dedication, each donation level entitles you to halachic and legal partnership in a parcel of land

Farm Partnerships

Support a full farm and become a publicly recognized co-owner with the name of your family, shul, or kehillah inscribed on a sign at the farm. Visit Eretz Yisroel during Shmitah and take a private tour of your farm.

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