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Dear friend,
As you know, this year is a shmitah year. In our school,  we had the zechus of hearing and meeting a Giboroh Koach who is keeping Shmitah and we were able to hear first hand about the sacrifice and emunah of the farmers who keep shmitah in Eretz Yisroel.  We too would love to have a share in this special mitzvah by helping these inspiring farmers!

Together we will sponsor a entire farm that is keeping Shmitta and take part in the Brocha!

Please consider joining by contributing $18 a month for the full Shmitah year.  Your donation will help support the thousands of farmers who are dedicated to the special mitzvah of shmitah.  

For more information or to donate please see Mrs. Krupenia.

Tizku limitzvos!  May we all merit the blessings of shmitah!  

Thank you so much!!

Partnership Opportunities

Acquire the tremendous zechus and bracha of keeping Shmitah k’halacha. In addition to your specific dedication, each donation level entitles you to halachic and legal partnership in a parcel of land

Farm Partnerships

Support a full farm and become a publicly recognized co-owner with the name of your family, shul, or kehillah inscribed on a sign at the farm. Visit Eretz Yisroel during Shmitah and take a private tour of your farm.

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