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There are 45 farmers that still can’t return to the fields because they simply have no money for startup costs, like seeds and labor. Keren Hashviis has helped them survive the year of shmitah but until every farmer is back on his ground again, our work is not done.

This past year, when 51% of the privately owned Jewish land in Eretz Yisroel laid fallow K’Hilchasa, was the largest Shmitah since the Churban HaBayis.

Over 30 million dollars were raised from individuals like yourself in the USA/Canada to make this happen. We encouraged the farmers to do the impossible and leave their land. We told them we’d have their backs — and we did!

However, we are now faced with a crisis we couldn’t have anticipated. Between inflation and interest rates, we still don’t have everything needed to help farmers reopen their farmers.

$30 million raised. $850,000 to go.

We need to get this money to the farmers who are in such desperate financial shape, they can’t restart their farms.

Until every farmer is back in business again, our work is not done. They did the impossible and have been living nearly 18 months without income.

If you’ve never donated, now’s the time.

If you have — thank you! — and please, please consider donating again.

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